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this is a word
lets take it down a bunch of notches
people have their
interpretations of the word
I am done looking to dictionary terms
that are obscure and obsolete
there is a lot of hype around this word
coming from mostly people
outside of
the realm of living
in the whole
people who focus on physical pleasure
people who focus on mental pleasure
and people who focus on emotional pleasure
people are weird and so are words
some people have no emotions
or don’t express
some people are not in their bodies some people
don’t think much
the opposite can be true
and even across the board
and with engaging
when people are aware
I have learned
they don’t care so much
for the words
they do what
they do
its them
it gives
them pleasure
or whatever
there is no definition of this word to
me except in the moment
I eat ice cream
or play with babies
or hike in the forest
see a flower
it does not have to look any particular
stop trying


granite countertops are the least of my concerns

it is mind boggling to me
what occupies people thoughts
I mean really
is it countertops
is it your bowel movements
don’t people have
anything more interesting to say
oh and there is more stuff people tell me
that i dont want to know
but that is their stuff
I prefer childrens company
they don’t give a rip about
granite countertops
take a lesson


human beings, who qualifies?

like what
do people reaaly have to
qualify as human beings
its messed up
I have to be a certain way to qualify
and others do too
except the you know who
who don’t have a clue
or care about you know who
I am qualified
and I m working on your qualifications
white dudes so on it
I take my time
are you worthy
in my space


the risk of speaking aka saying

is more pronounced some
places more than others
I have a baby friend
more than 9 months
they don’t care
they sound
they do whatever comes to mind
and in their body too
when does the disconnect
happen with some adults
like people can because they think they
and so the thought becomes
no one can
except them
and of course the more
dominant and pronounced
become cultural and societal bullys
its an historic phenomenon
yet the babies and I and we
are defying your codes
your ideas
your language
and behaviors
relics of the past
moving on up


death, people and personal experiences..

don’t translate into the larger picture
people live in their tiny worlds
I get it
I experience it daily
even in my work in death and dying
no one really relates
to the larger picture
of grief and death
in society
with regards to children
or gender
its like
oh this person died
I am sad
yes I get sad too
but I get angry
at systems that
support killing by
the white male super
be it by poisoning water
people working in less than
supportable work
desecrating peoples lands
not providing health
cultural and societal assistance
when needed
you on your on babies
is what is fed to us
and people believe it
we are interdependent
and I don’t buy
well its all on a person
in death or in life
others have a different view
because they do
I see patterns
I see the smaller and the larger
when people wake up
they will see it too
they might be dead by then
not my problem
I dont
do unpaid labor
I just walk my talk
for real


nothing wrong with women being angry


i meant to write trendsetters
but the title just spelled itself
I don’t think much
of this
in fashion hair
because its already been done
it seems to me that some
are refining
what has been done and not
into the foof of credit but
sinking into the work
and some are saying
they are brilliant
and the next best
thing since sliced bread
I did not know the difference
at one time
now I do