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Keep them smiling


its way of so many

smiling faces

they don’t tell the truth

done with


so I had an experience


with a sales dude

who is who he is

dull and not engaging


so I gave that back

he did not flinch

the dude


why do I give more

than others

i don’t anymore

slacking as

dudes always do

giving that energy

into me

and mine

i keep me smiling

No wonder people

are depressed


for real






Trauma is not just physical

It is a well rounded kind of thing

i work in not an ER

but i experience the secondary trauma

and that is a thing

as do military


social workers

first responders

like fire people

emergency personel

i would like to include police

but i. Have some issues

in terms of their power


it is not addressed ever

because power


would like us to believe

it is our own fault

its the language

of abusers

and there are many

in the power structures

that deny it ongoing

i would say its about 95%

no evidence just

personal experience and

my friends saying

we are on to your games

but for me

i have tried the games

and it never has

will never serve my


so i have to go another way

its all about me

i have done the entrepreneurial

and that did not work either

i am deep and i go deep to heal

yes with others willing to go there

i have an edge

for real

following no one

my little friend

an exception




Rude awakenings

really constantly

but today a big revelation

from a friend

it was hard to take

people are so simple some

have been around the block

no judgements here

peoples love to gossip

don’t include me in please

i got better to do

i guess you all

nothing else

today it was a conversation

after years

it was not difficult

it was like I saw them yesterday

only thing that matters





So I work

i have worked

in same

but different

over the years

same time


but more


time travel


i cant meet unreasonable


so i say

Not heard

then I gotta

pull it

its my body

and time






We all here for different reasons

yeah we are here now

some here to make money

some here to heal

some here to help others

Some here to kneel

some here for fame

some here to tame others

some here to see the world

but can’t see beyond

their noses

some here to create

some here to destroy

some here to tell their


no one wants to hear

some here to boast

roast and toast themselves

some here to float

some here to be here

despite some here

me too



Terms Religious and spiritual

used to be a trigger for me

not because of physical abuse

but because


abuse of power

in the cults of these

and take my word many are

i have taken my power


i have my own

yet still

people ask

me to

give it away

lets stay positive


get it

my spiritual

is mine

no leaders needed

no following





Are these my tools or

1DB5189F-FAC4-48E8-A18D-2074F9C29671.jpegActually in being the vehicle

works of art themselves

i tend to learn forms

and then break them down

Because it is my nature

to learn the form and make it

my own

in ideas

in thoughts

and creations

i am not a follow the rules

kinda person

in my life

there are so many rules

and forms

in life

that don’t and have never

worked for me

its all about me

and its about time