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I don’t have a bucket list

Because I don’t do that kind of thing
I make lists to get
Stuff done
That is not important
To me
My life has been full
Some good
Some craptacular
But that’s the way life goes
I don’t care about being happy all the time
Or accomplishing
I never did
It’s about moments
And I have had a lot
Of super fine ones
That’s all I really care about
Maybe that’s for you
For me it’s about quality
Not quantity



Privilege and accountability

Is there such a thing
I have not see it
Experienced it much
Now it seems in my face
In various ways
Like the employee who
Knows things are messed up
But stays in an abusive work
Situation because of the money
I have done it
To get to another place
The fools at the top who have no clue
As to what people actually do in their regime
But could care less
As long as the money rolls in
They did not earn it
They were handed it
On a silver platter
I left a job
Because I could not compromise
Myself anymore
I won’t allow myself to be in toxic
Environments because
I can
That is privilege that
I have earned
It was not given to me
I hold myself accountable
And I hold others to the same
And some more than others
I went the spiritual route
But that does not
Take into account
The crooked room
Aka the playing field that
Is not level
Whatever people


the challenge is accountability

trying to make some sense
out of all the chaos
personal interpersonal
and collectively
these are trying times
unless one is unaware that there is
a big voice trying to be heard
for me its about accountability
I have had to be accountable
yet I find some others I meet
have a mindset that they don’t have to
and/or the collective does not
have the ability to respond
aka response-ability
its not up to me to be
accountable for others behaviors
voices especially in terms of harm
this is the challenge
at least for me now
is holding the at large accountable
and I do this by my voice
and my actions
it seems with all the accounts
I have read recently about
women and POC and gender having
to be held accountable for just being
there is a challenge for me to flip it
and I am trying this
you can too



my mother did not die
in hospice
though I wish she did
but my family could not go there
my dad likely not
not die on hospice
they have the right to
it is my work and I don’t
get to call it
my family does not get it
its like live life
no matter what the cost
of pain and suffering
its theirs to choose
i try and support
the choices
as I would anyone
its painful for me but this is not my choice
and I have to respect it
at least I have my choices
I would not go down that road


put your

eyes back in their
its not about rockets
put your guns in your pockets
and feel
what it is
to be locked up
and kneel
can you even
what it is like
to steal for a meal
lets be real
vegas is a big deal
for people who
don’t have a clue
its your wake up
or your fall
its not
most people just emote
and float on the
I have no time
for foolery
or expensive
I am down in the
nitty gritty
don’t care about
rich white mans shitty life
though I do have
to deal with crappy
I got some better going on
for real


false idols

fuel depression fear
and there is a definite power drain
trying to stay out of the mire
of the miniscule
the energy is big
which to me means
its people who cant hold their
which is disaster for their health
and projected out
in this age of social media
if we all go down the
road of tearing people apart
or try and make people be smarter
its the road of
death in the spirit
or the mind or the body
I am not concerned about
CEO being stressed
that’s their
and the billionaires can
afford whatever
I am concerned about people on the edge and
people over the edge
in the current season of
earth taking her power
I see it in some people now
and I see people going to doctors
or whoever to find the
answer that is beyond the physical
and personally I am not
looking for answers
I am always asking questions


uh lets focus on girls and women

for at least 5 hours in a day
dude can you do it
instead of your egos and dicks
your political aspirations
your failed relationships
I have not seen it recently
it can happen
its not my gig
I got a life