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Land ownership

I have because I believed in
The talk about it
It’s not real
Except in
Money circles
No one owns their land
The banks and mortgage
Unless you entitled
Why I have not and may
Not ever again
Why be beholden
To lenders
Who may redline
And may charge more interest to some than to others
May foreclose
On some more than others
I know the game
Trying to be a game changer
It’s harder than it looks



The new war on drugs has

Hit where i work
In comfort care
Suddenly new rules
Governing comfort medications
From people who are not
In the profession
Not medical licensed people
Lay people
And bean counters
Legal foolery
And people will suffer
Until another way is found
Also the war on health
Has increased regular peoples
Out of pocket expenses
And a lot of go fund me
For health
These new rules
From white dudes who don’t have a clue
is not from an ethical stance
And has no basis in
It’s about profit

Stay tuned
The people will continue to speak


Trying to be a better person

The only way out
Is through
It’s a quote by a white dude
Who shall remain nameless here
Because white dudes names
All over everything
But I digress
I AM trying to learn
To be an ally
Shut my mouth and listen
It’s not hard for me
Because I do it everyday
In my work
And as a woman
I am not supposed to speak
But with POC
I learned a new phrase today
The indigenous population of the world
I have trepidation
I come from colonisers
I mean the white population
Of the world basically
Has been colonizer
From day one
But white peoples
Are not the majority
In the world
So what’s up
With the continued
Under a new pretext
Of capitalist ventures
Same as before
Trying to read more
By not white men
Of course I read white women
But I go further
I can’t go back


Stink on Super easy Super hard

It’s so basic right
Like your experience
You say whatever and I am
Supposed to relate
What people say and reactions
Are based on their experiences
Like Pavlov’s dogs
Get a reward
Even for poor behaviors
Assuming your experience is mine
Is just not reality
Making an ass out of u
And me
Get it
That my experiences will ever be the same
As yours
Is ludicrous
But so much talk
Saying not much
I know better
Thank goodness


Seekers and finders

I am not sure one leads to the other
At least for me
But i am not a seeker
And never have been
Yes of course
But never really looking for something
I used to when i was young
Go to a store to find
A particular item
Very particular item
That i had in mind
But i usually never found it
So i just stopped doing it
I never looked for someone
I have usually just found
Things or people
That resonate with me
Because i wander
And i am aware of
And my surroundings
I notice a lot
I always have
In that i am finding
Not really seeking
It’s like today
When i met someone
And we were talking
They asked me
Where would you want to go
I said the first thing
That came to mind
No where
I would want to be here
And that about sums it
Up for me
Seeking is fruitless work
Granite countertops
Eternal happiness
New cars
A vacation home
You name it
And I don’t have the
Patience for it
Or the time
Whatever floats
Your boat


What would it be like to be thick

I mean thick like stuck
In mind
Or emotion
So as normal
But it’s not
To be assuaged
By media
Public opinion
Likes and
It’s what is becoming now
Not for me
Not so engaged
In media
I read
I process
I don’t read and regurgitate
Be people drones?

Not me


I have had a thought in mind for many years, like

A wish of sorts
I have read about rural health care
About natives
About slaves
About European ways
About the continents of
Asia and Africa
I like local
Like i help local
Not really into going
To Haiti as a white woman
From USA
People do as they do
This is my scope

I hated my new workplace for awhile
When you have been elsewhere for a couple
Few decades
It comes with the territory
I don’t like for profit health
And have never worked in it
I am not sure about it
It’s what it is right now for me
It’s about the people mostly
Like i get to
Go out to far rural places
And really help people
Where there are total lacks
Of services
And rural areas are totally
In need of services for a
Long time
And my colleagues are some of my best teachers
Right now

So now i am confused between
Going with the discomfort of
Working for “the man”
And having my way with my daily
That informs my activism
Peoples welfare and health
And my growth
I don’t know

Full moon soon
Big reflection