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It’s the end of my day

Because i call it
Learned i cant do it in a day
I mean in it all in health care
There are martyrs
Who do it off the clock
There are residents
I have not been one but slave labor
Nurses do it all the time
Off the clock
I have my boundaries
I don’t do off the clock
No you cant keep calling me expecting
Me to work on my days off
No i will not take a pager
That is unpaid
No no no
I don’t care if you say you are awesome
I don’t care
I have a life
My work is not my life
Get it please
Thank you



Has health been colonized?

Yes yes and yes
Illness is a function of trauma
Color and class
Now more than ever
Just addressing the physical
Does nothing for the trauma
Class or gender
It’s rude to suggest
That a person is responsible
For their health situation
And it is wrong
Insurance companies Medicaid
Are systems built on colonial
Like we the papa
We take care of you
Just follow our rules
And we will operate on the wrong leg
Supplements and herbal are deemed
And the synthetic reigns supreme
I have been in this long enough
To see other crystal clear
Advantage of people making
Millions of dollars off people
Who are ill
don’t spend a dime really don’t
And actually profit off of people
Being ill
They don’t see the whole
The economic
The gender
The color
And the inequity
It makes me angry
I work in it
I thought this gig
Would be better than that
And it was 33 years ago
At least i do my good
stand my ground as an advocate
And hold my boundaries in terms
Of my time spent
You don’t own me
Either way

I am in peace


Is there any ethics
In tech
I doubt it
It’s just a made up scenario
Or series of
Dudes seem in control
Because they out of their bodies
But i know women who are
Doing better

Code is not real life
Get it
Most don’t

Most don’t even have a clue about
Tech wants to do medicine
So what
You have no expertise
In beings
Only code
And formulas
Egostistical maniacs
Is all i read

Like dude i have the nutrition formula
To cure malnutrition in Africa

You don’t even know anything about the
What makes you an expert
In curing anything

Plants have codes that i know
And i will use this in place of anything

Cure your own soul
And then chop wood

Be real




I am not really a control freak
Though i have had previous tendencies
Along the way
I have been shown that
I do have control over my
Reactions to situations

I am working on it

And who i hang out with
Some people are trouble
With a capital T
And i steer clear

Over and over again
If i notice
There are signs
That i am not in control

Like today
There was a particularly
Shady situation
I did not know about
Until i was in it

Unethical people
Trying to do something on their behalf
Instead of what would be
The good for the person and family
I don’t know
The motives
And i really don’t care

It worked out to be the best situation
Not the worst
Given the circumstances
For me

But not for the person or the family
I was trying to advocate for
That is on the people
Who had no ethics
And only wanted control

So who wins at this game

As the world turns
So do i



The free store

I do this where i live as a volunteer
It’s women motivated and
Basically run by women with men’s assist as allies
It’s a safe space to gather items that are
Given as recycled and most
Are in good condition
It’s really a good place for me
It helps me get back to my roots
As an organizer/activist
A mama
A grandma and more
A place that has grown in a non secular space
Because the folks that run the church are
Into helping the community
As a whole
People especially women in transition
With kidlings can find goods
To create in their new spaces of housing
As well as other gendered people
Not supported
That have been houseless
It is a crime that
This administration of government
Has taken it upon themselves
To criminalize many people
Who through circumstances
Not of their own become less
Than in the government, culture, and societies eyes
We will create more to help marginalized
People spurned by the patriarchy
And that is fine by me
I am not a church lady



I don’t need this and that

For real
I don’t need attention or attitude
Seems like what dudes do
But watevea
I am good in my own zone
Not trying
Not buying
I am happy in my
Own zone
I create
Why I am here
And you




Like I got to be real in this world of realing the fake
I grew up thinking people were good
At least mine
I found out most could care less
And get out
Complexity am I
Just being me do I have to pay a fee
Don’t suggestion
I am over that
That is not productive
Except for the heap
Of male not
Accepting their fail
And makes no excuses
Just bruises
They are not always external
Get over yourselves
I am
Moving on