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false idols

fuel depression fear
and there is a definite power drain
trying to stay out of the mire
of the miniscule
the energy is big
which to me means
its people who cant hold their
which is disaster for their health
and projected out
in this age of social media
if we all go down the
road of tearing people apart
or try and make people be smarter
its the road of
death in the spirit
or the mind or the body
I am not concerned about
CEO being stressed
that’s their
and the billionaires can
afford whatever
I am concerned about people on the edge and
people over the edge
in the current season of
earth taking her power
I see it in some people now
and I see people going to doctors
or whoever to find the
answer that is beyond the physical
and personally I am not
looking for answers
I am always asking questions



uh lets focus on girls and women

for at least 5 hours in a day
dude can you do it
instead of your egos and dicks
your political aspirations
your failed relationships
I have not seen it recently
it can happen
its not my gig
I got a life


so men know what is best for me

not true
men are good
the ones I know
I know what
is best
for me
and the ones I know
are good with it
the outer circle
of patriarchy
is not
so much
I don’t engage IRL
with cowboys
fools and others
who embrace
embracing me
as me
and not you
I have spent
too much time on foolish men
I am in me and my family


fools in paradise

being active
trying not to be reactive
because that’s the
story of
people who are marginalized
jump and run
explain myself
why am I there
what am I doing
why did I say that
who am I to question
why am I dressed this way
spinning this on your head
I was a fool
but no longer
but I have to suffer
the fools that are out
and about
IRL and on social media
I am not here to justify myself
though it seems that’s the game
I am here to create something else
that is better
for the common good
I am
not the mainstream
if I have to lose people in
the process so be it
I am here to be me
not you
and right now narcissism
has become mainstream
for the elite
I cannot abide by it
and I cannot abide
by people who stay silent anymore
silence is complicity
and I will not go there
you do whatever


a thought

water comes from the sky in torrents and
can destroy
fire comes mostly from peoples
stupidity but also from
lightning strikes
wind arrives as
do tornados
upon the land

peoples as an entity happen to live
on the land

and are impacted by the severity
of the climate
people do live off of the land in
some places
and the destruction is real
when there is extreme climate
people are displaced and have to
go away
then maybe come back
in some lands
it has become complicated
systems and structures in place
neither of which
seem to be effective
for the people

and for the land

its seems happening more
on the continent here
but its always all
about us
people have all
this is mine
to focus beyond
the initiation
of severe climate impacts
and go to the
heart of the matter
as well as the process
which has to
adjust to address
ongoing collective loss
its just like the scenario
in groundhogs day
the film


critics are everywhere

telling people how to look
how to speak
how to behave
I have already gone
done this road
that white men mostly don’t
and white men
that is yours
mine is to go beyond
your façade of me and
others like me
tech has a long row to hoe
healthcare as well
cause they bought into tech
as a third party
to screen people
and healthcare is
leaving out people
who are experts in giving care
because of it
you are fools
maybe not
you think
I am a young white man
I am invincible
really you are not
and if this thinking
inspires you
you have not a clue about other
genders or cultures
wisdom is earned by
young fools
take care
ellen pao et al
is coming for you
not really for
you but
for us


trying to be a slacker and a narcissist

it is what I see all around
mediocre men get promoted
women work their asses off
especially in my field
I recall the days of an 8 hour day
when it was actually possible
to complete my work and do
a good job in 8 hours
now its the ongoing piling on of
craptacular stuff that actually
has no meaning for the patient
only for people
who count numbers
and have no idea about
so my response is to
not respond
my response is to
take care of myself
we all know orgs
will give nothing back
they are takers now
it was not always so
I am becoming a slacker and
a narcissist just like you
what say you now
who will do your work for you
not me
I and all healthcare workers deserve
a commodity of respect
as workers and as people
if that is lacking
it becomes tables turned
looking deep these days
at mediocrity
and hypocrisy