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September 20, 2012

this is big one for me. this idea of one being a teacher and one being a student.

back in the day, when i was young and thirsty for everything i was willing to absorbwhat the “teacher” ‘said’ . and it was true for me then.  since then i have learned many things.

people absorb information in different ways.

some people are intellectual and like reading and learning the didactic, the dogma, so to speak, of things. that is how they learn. it is of the mind.

some people see something, and on a visual level are able to comprehend the teaching, because that is how they learn. it is by seeing and observing.

other people are kinsethetic, that is. they feel their way, or do what the teaching is. that is how they learn. it is of the experience.

there can be a mixture of any of these paths to learning.

i am not sure that most people know how they learn, in a conscious way.  i think, i have experienced all of these ways of teaching and learning and have come to know how i learn.

i think it is important to know this, because, in my work, i encounter a myriad of people, with a myriad of experiences, and history, and being just the way they are, and have to go from their particular perspective or way of learning.

it is a gift to see and experience, the way people learn. and. sometimes it is also painful to witness how people learn. because from my experience, and who i am, i see things differently.

i, myself, am a more kinesthetic person. that is, i learn from experience, from feeling in the moment. i am also a visual learner, an observer.

i have had many teachers in my life.,my family, when i was growing up. people i have encountered along the way, just random and regular people..and i  can say for me that these are the people i have learned most from, aside from my sons…the greatest teachers are people where i have had to push back/speak up for myself with, and mostly set aside, on earth. i have learned from books and peoples writings. i have learned alot by experimenting with different ideas, and having different experiences.

i have learned from people who are joyful and passionate about what it is that they believe. i have learned from people who were downright mean, angry, manipulative and controlling.. i believe that these people also have been some of my greatest teachers about how not to do things.

i have learned from nature, babies and animals. i think these teachers are my gentle teachers.

i have learned from my experience in life, to listen to myself, what i am shown and trust my gut. these lessons, i have learned throughout my life.and in all of this learning/experience, i have become a teacher. in my mind, the idea of teacher, is just living an everyday life. it is being an example as opposed to telling people what to do.

i am a student everyday and a teacher.

and the page is blank everyday. everyday is an opportunity to learn and and to teach.  i am surprised at myself, i did not do the “teacher and student” thing in the title, which is my libra moon  nature, but i guess it came across in the message and maybe i am learning …

so i give and so i receive




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