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jumping to conclusions

October 17, 2012

this has been in my face and on my mind for the past month.

the idea that what is heard, what is seen and what one thinks is what it is.

well, i can say, that i go from experience. for me experience is the seen, the heard, the unknown, and what i know from my experience with information i receive as well as my encounters with  people and situations, knowing that all of this can change at any moment

it is interesting to observe how people do life. i observe that people generally do what they do, that is, they do what is their habit, what they know and what gets them off, so to speak. they do what gives them what they want, on some level. it can be painful, it can be joyful, it can be the same story, over and over again.

and from the way people do their life, there is a kind of way of jumping to conclusions.

for example, because i said this yesterday, means, to you that this is the way i am  responding today. and because you said something yesterday means, that you mean what you said yesterday and there is no room for dialogue or change.

this is a fallacy. there is always the opportunity for change in any given moment. this is not to say that people change their habits. because in my experience, it is not so, most of the time. but there are times when people do change their habits, their name, their place of residing, their way of life. so who am i to say that what was, is what is now, or what will be?

nothing is a given.

when i, or you hear something, and gossip, that is something that is a great favorite among the people,  is believed to be real, because you interpret something i say, in your language, instead of hearing what i say or asking what i mean, you believe what you interpret to be real.

in my mind, none ot this is real. unless, there is a conversation, no one really knows anything. and there has to be a willingness to have a conversation. being in the presence of a person, seeing facial expressions, body language, hearing tone of voice can tell alot.

i have also had conversations where all of the above has been null an void, and i have been invisible, because there is an agenda on the other side. without presence, the conversation IS null and void. and i guess it is always a choice. the choice of connecting, or not.

in my work,  and in my life, i tend to be present, to clarify what it is i am hearing, seeing and experiencing because i encounter such a wide variety of people, and i want to be really clear about what is happening so i can do my good work. if i just rely on my senses, without clarification, there is a chance, well more than a chance, there is the likelyhood that i will misinterpret everything and in that miss the opportunity to really connect with a person, family, or sitiuation. and as above, it is my choice to conncect, and i choose this. i cannot connect with someone who chooses not too, for whatever reason. it is what it is.

jumping to conclusions is like jumping rope. it can be fun, it is taking a chance that i/you will jump in at the right time and rhythm. i dont take these kinds of chances, most of the time.

in jumping rope, there are times when the rhythm and timing do feel right, but i go with all of my being, instead of just jumping in without foresight, intuition, my knowing.

i want to know, for real, what is happening with you. and your life, i want to know that people in my life are wanting to know, for real, what is happeining with me in my life. no suppositions….




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