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the bubble

November 9, 2012

the bubble, the world one lives in. the world that one sees, hears and experiences. the world that one creates for themselves. there is this world and there is the larger world. the macrocosm and the microcosm.

in the bubble, it is all about me, my interests,  what i think, what i want, my experiences, me, me, me.even if i think i am acting on behalf of the greater good, it is all about me.

outside the bubble, there are many things happening on many levels. there are people dying, there are people living in poor conditions,  there are people living in luxury, there are people who are not connected to themselves, the earth. there are people who are working for the greater good in earnest. the planet is undergoing changes, the country in which i live is undergoing changes and people that i know are affected .

these are interesting times. times of chaos. times of transition. and i see this in the larger picture and within myself.

it is easy to distract. it is easy to ignore what is happening within me, outside of me and at the same time it is not easy to ignore. events are occuring that cannot be ignored. people are experiencing difficulties that cannot be ignored. i can light a candle, i can go out and be with the people who are affected. i can send messages, i can go out physically and lend support and nourishment, and i can, in the end decide who i am in all of this chaos.

there is chaos within and without, that cannot be ignored.

sure, there is pleasure. pleasure is good. pleasure is nourishing and pleasure can be a distraction.

grief. grief is productive, helpful to go through the chaos, and transition. grief, over time can be a crutch, a disability.

it is good to honor death, with regard to personal experience, within, with family/friends, within community, nationally, or globally. it seems tragic to continually go back in time to events that have caused grief because there is nothing to be gained by going back in time.

yes, i understand grief. i understand death. but there is a time to honor the death and rites of passage, and there is time to move on. if one cannot move one, then there is the potential to become stuck in the past.

if one becomes stuck in the past, there is no possibility of a future. there is only a bubble.

just thinking…




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