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changing it up

December 10, 2012

this is crazy,. i have not been here, on my blog, for less than a month and things have feels this way in life too. the word obliteration, comes to mind. obliteration and  sublimation.

the idea that nothing will ever stay the same, obliteration. and i kind of am used to this  idea by now. it seems to be in my face now. the work it do makes it real for me, because i take it for real. i work in hospice. 

my goal is not to get heavy in my work, because it can take me there.  my goal is to be in the moment with the people i meet. as you can probably imagine, people are all over the place sometimes, and from a variety of backgounds and cultures and i see my work as trying to present options to people, who have the ability to choose.

it is interesting engaging with people and watching myself interacting with such a variety. sometimes i am swimming in salsa and other times i feel like the corn chip in the bowel.
people say to me sometimes, “i dont know how you do this?”and until recently, i always had one answer “because i get to meet interesting people. in different environments and learn”. my answer now is different. it is ” because it is an honor and i am glad i have been able to know you”.

is it obliteration of what i have always thought ,or have i been sublimating, ie refining, purifying ?

and the answer is…………….its a tie!!!



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