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EPIC events

December 15, 2012

today is the day of the full moon. it is a week before the presidential elections in the US. and an epic storm called Sandy, is 300 miles in mass and is poised to to confront the east coast of this country. as it is the full moon, tides will be higher than usual.

this storm has caused massive power outages, in many regions. people are being forced, so to speak to STOP. there is no internet connection, no television, no electric communication. people must speak to one another, and connect with their local community. there is no choice.

wall street is CLOSED for at least 2 days. EPIC.

all public transport, in NYC,  Washington DC has been suspended. coastal areas and areas that are prone to flooding are being EVACUATED. business as usual, has been turned upside down. people are having to do things in different ways. routine has gone out the window and taken by the wind. people are moving and living with a different perspective than usual

powerful lessons are being taught by this storm….the importance of neighbors and neighborhood, the importance of just BEING, the importance of everyday human communication using words. there is also a larger lesson that i see as WE ARE NOT INVINCIBLE and ALL POWERFUL. there are greater forces at work here.

i am thankful, that in the US, we have the perfect leader to take us through this. a man who stands watch and has put the people ahead of money and policy. a man who can organise other leaders to work for the common good at this time.

sending good thoughts for safety for my friends and family on the east coast, and for the them and the rest of us a greater awareness.


jill 10/30/12


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