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There was a time

February 9, 2013

There was a time when we knew. A time when we were connected with the earth, one another and our bodies.
Healing was an everyday occurrance. Somewhere along the way this idea was lost. Control was given to another to help us heal.

What would happen if we decided to take back control of our own healing on a daily basis?

We go to medical professionals to find out why we are having a certain experience in our bodies. We are
“diagnosed” with this or that. Our experience is given a label. Then, there is usually treatment that is proposed by the medical professional to “treat” the experience we are having in our bodies. We have emotions and we go to professionals to find out why we are having these emotions. We talk about them with a virtual stranger and sometimes we are medicated at the advice of the professional.

I think, we are all here having experiences all the time as a totality. When we deny something we are experiencing either emotionally, physically or both, there becomes a disconnect from the flow of the experience. What happens next is that the experience becomes “stuck” in the body on a cellular level. We can get “stuck” in our throats, our legs, anywhere really. And we can block out our emotions which also disrupts the flow. Emotions are a part of the “body/mind”. When emotions are blocked out, there is a disconnect as well and they become stored in the body. Our bodies do a wonderful job of taking care of us in stressful situations.

To me, interruption of the flow is the essence of dis-ease. I think fear is the most common reason this happens. This, and our innate curiosity. Inquiring minds want to know what is happening and why and instead of trusting what we know in the moment, we go outside ourselves and trust an outside source.

How would healing look if we tried something different? I know, this sounds like blasphemy.

Physically, we could just allow the total flow of our body experience. By being present with what is, the experience can come and go. We don’t have to name what is presently happening. We can just notice. For example, if the stomach is churning, it is just churning. We don’t have to put a name on it such as having the flu, indigestion, or any other label. By not choosing a name, we an allow the experience to happen. It comes and it goes. Also, if we encounter someone who is sneezing, we don’t have to automatically think, oh, this person has a “cold” I might contract. We can just think they are sneezing. By choosing to acknowledge what is, we are not materialising a thought. And thoughts are things. Body and mind are connected as one. I like to call it the “body/mind”. Emotionally, we could allow the flow of our feelings as felt in mind and body.

Living this way can be a challenge in this world because there is constant bombardment from the outside about what can be “wrong” with us or what we could contract as dis-ease.

If you want to experiment with this, here are some strategies I use

Be in your body at all times, even the unpleasant ones. Listen to what it is telling you.

Don’t worry about anyone else and what is going on with their body experience.

Don’t project what might or could happen.

If you are uncomfortable, find what it is that gives you comfort.

Allow for what is happening in the body, just notice, don’t label.


Trust your knowing what is best for you and your body.



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