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May 1, 2013

reading a blog on women and ect. i mean really. women are just totally crazy right? and there is nothing wrong with men or the system at large?

well, i beg to differ. in past years i have had experiences with men that lead me to believe it is not me, though they have led me to believe that it is all my fault. no it is not me, it is men and the patriarchal system that perpetuates behavior on their behalf

this fallacy has played out in my day to day interactions and continues until this day.

in the past i believed this tale. i believed that i was not good enough, pretty enough. i believed that when men were enraged, mean, treated me badly, and said that it was my fault, it was.  and i believed them. i am a person who is honest and so i believed that they were being honest. well, i have found they and the system are the liars, not me.

it is a revelation and a relief to know that i am honest, as i have always thought. it is a relief to know that this behavior is not my responsibility, it is YOURS.

i have done nothing wrong. i have only been myself and this is no crime.

and so now i am standing for all women and children who are learning at this time. i am standing for all who have been told that THEY are the problem when they are not. i am educating people who are open to this.

AND i am taking care of number one first, as do men and the system. don’t ask for my sympathy for you because i don’t have any.

and this is not to say there are no men who don’t get it. there are men who do GET IT. but in my experience, they are few and far between, mostly younger men these days.

and together, the men and women who are conscious will eventually SHOCK the rest into awareness..well this is my dream.

no i don’t need ECT. but maybe it will work for you.


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