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truth or lies????

June 16, 2013


with all the recent skeletons coming out of the closets, though some of us have seen them before, this is the question that i ask over and over these days.

is what edward snowden saying the truth, or do i believe keith alexander?   are women who are raped in the military telling the truth about the injustice of the system or are the commanding officers telling the truth?   is myriad genetics telling the truth about their goals for patenting peoples DNA or  do i have the right to my own body and what it contains?  is that woman telling the truth saying she was sexually harassed, myself being a witness or is the man who says he said nothing wrong by behaving as he did?  is monsanto telling the truth about their motives and their products,  and is our govenment telling us the truth  about what they know or are the experiences of the farmers and people who work on the land the truth?  is hillary clinton really an embarassment due to international debacles or do the men make the same mistakes and al is well?

as a child, i listened and observed. then at certain stages, i rose to claim my power.  in this claiming of my power i was either supported, mostly by women or i was told that this is the way it is and i have no power. i knew the part about not having power was a lie, but why did people not see this?

when i was about 16 and my brother was 17 i really saw the duality that is. my brother would go out and have adventures. when i would do the same, i would get in trouble.  i could argue until the cows come home about how there was only a years difference in age but i knew, it was all  because i was a girl and he was a boy.  first big lie to be uncovered.

unfortunately, this lie persists in the form of poor behavior of men saying there is nothing wrong with them. well, there is nothing wrong with me either. i get to have a voice, just like you do.  i get to go out, dress as i please, do as i please without harassment, just like you do.  i get to make mistakes, just like you do. and i get to receive support in society, just like you do.

the patriarchy tells us all that this is just the way it is, and it’s normal.

i don’t believe that lie. 

i saw a youtube video today of a man in hong kong after a demonstration at the US embassy on behalf of edward snowden. he said something like,  well they probably won’t listen, but, and i love this “we will progress”

looking forward to it!


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