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in response to the angry young/old man

July 4, 2013

so what? you are angry?

you are a man. you have power in this world.

you get to do as you please, though you pretend you are a victim.


women do not get to do as we please despite popular views.

just view what is happening in egypt…it happened in occupy too..rape, harassment.

do you think i will be willing to be a part of your actions at all cost?

yes, some women will and are creating support to be in the common area.

but this is not a part of your agenda.

 i am looking for a social change that is inclusive. where women are a part of the whole movement, not a target, or an aside.

when there is a movement like this, give me a call.

until then, i will be an advocate for me and mine.

 good luck


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