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July 22, 2013

alignment, according to websters dictionary, in one meaning…a state of agreement or cooperation among persons, groups or nations.

I am seeing and experiencing situations and events from this perspective these days.

I have disengaged from some according to these guidelines. and despite this, recently, I have been invite to rejoin people, groups, nations/tribes, that I may have belonged to in the past, but are not in alignment with me presently. in fact these people and groups/tribes have never supported me. I believe this is because of peoples nostalgia, because of people thinking that I have not thought out things properly, according to their guidelines, because people are not conscious of who I really am.

I am intrigued.

I am intrigued that people would think that I would go against my better knowing. I am intrigued that people think I will change my mind. I am intrigued that people think I am someone according to their group and nation.

it seems somewhat like the  Edward snowden story.

I am not sure what this is all about. it may be a test to see if I am really being true to myself. it may be unconscious efforts by others because that is how they operate.

in the end, all I know is that I have to be true to myself, groups, nations who are in cooperation with me.

and I am not going backwards.

I am going forward in alignment with people, groups, nations that I support and that support me.

I hope for all of you the same.


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