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November 18, 2013

Imageas babies, we come into this world as innocent explorers, adapting and absorbing not unlike water.

in Dr Emotos book, Messages From Water, he writes about his experiments with water and the capacity of water

crystals to absorb words and actions.  He reports that actions and words actually have the capacity to change

the crystal structure of the water.  I think this happens to babies, humans, the earth and terrestrial life as well.


I have adapted and absorbed.  along the way, I have from time to time released what I have absorbed and

adapted to.  Much of the time, I have experienced great resistance from the outside, when I say that I

am unwilling to continue absorbing what is no longer useful, what is toxic, to me and when I adapt in

new ways that support me.  I am not sure why this happens.  Perhaps people want me to continue to absorb

the same for their own purposes or think that I don’t know what is good for me.  who knows?


there are the people say I “should” accept all.  I have been accepting all for a good part of my life.

now it is time to sift and leave behind the people, experiences, thoughts and words I have absorbed and

adapted to that do not fit through my filter now, leaving only what is acceptable and true for me in my cup.





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