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the road less traveled

April 14, 2014

the road of courage is one less traveled.
it is easy to go along the paved road or the road that is being paved by another.
it is far more challenging to create another road, a road of inclusivity.
a road that includes me and mine, you and yours and all beyond, meaning physically and ideologically.
I have traveled along many roads, some paved, some gravel, some dirt, some created by others and some I have created.
in this recent time I have experienced mostly roadblocks at times when it comes to trying to create a common road
it is easy for me to create a common road in my work, in fact I know how to do this well.
everyone has their own ideas and the road is created together.
somehow though in life, these days it seems everyone has their own ideas and the road has become less of a pathway and more a road of endless paths leading nowhere.
in this, however, I do think there is a common thread somehow in all of this. it is a thread that seems invisible to me.
at this time, in my opinion, a crucial time in the story of peoples, there are paths everywhere, but no cohesion. lots of roads without connection to the whole.
perhaps this is just a sign of the times.
perhaps it is a function of chaos.
perhaps it is just all of us trying and going into the unknown.
whatever the truth is, I will continue to walk the road that is true for me and that is the road of inclusion. in doing this I have courage and know that I am not alone.



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