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June 26, 2014

 as I read posts, blogs, articles that have been inspired and spawned by isla vista, I am in awe. I am definitely inspired by all the women writing. women writing are asking questions, defining their experiences and ACTUALLY speaking about rape, harassment, misogyny in culture.

the responses from men. some are supportive, but the most I have read are about being defensive. the notallmen thing, the oh you don’t know what you are talking about thing, the that’s the way it is thing.honey, its not about you, though it always has been, according to culture.

I don’t understand why men would not hear what is being said. I don’t understand that they have no clue. I don’t understand that they think this world is NORMAL. but then I do. I used to think that this was the world. the world of men taught to me in grade school, high school and university. I thought that this world of men was aligned with me trying to make this world a better place.

then I fell and crashed. I realized that men don’t have a clue,,,not all but many and the culture supports this. I realized that men really think they are living the life and that everyone around them is living it too. I realized that the culture has never supported people of other gender or color. gender and color have been erased from history books, teachings , so called religion and casual conversation.

these days the culture fuck for other gender and color is in my face. think how much women and children are supported in this culture. think what is valued in this culture. think how gender, color, ethnicity have been portrayed in media and news most recently, but think throughout time.

think the salem witch trials, think medieval Europe, think native americans, think black or brown people, Asian people, Hispanic and other indigenous. for centuries the culture fuck has existed.

I have been reading a lot about all kinds of cultures. the story that has been told and continues to be told is a story of lies.

women and children have been raped, trod upon and not supported by the culture in united states and more, for centuries.

yea, you can say feminism is. yea, you can say feminism has changed some things and it has. but in the big picture, which is where I live, nothing has changed. gender and color still an issue with regards to pay. gender an issue in that women are capable of having children, and so men are not and so don’t consider the life of women who have children and work too…many. don’t consider children having illness and so don’t support care of them when they do. don’t consider that children need nurture growing and so nurturing them not valued ,,,,only work. work on.

yea, some have the means, but most don’t.

I don’t know when and if this culture will wake up and men will support women and children in other ways than financial. I don’t know if the culture will wake up and see what is valuable.

I equate the earth with the feminine body. and now I see neither being supported by the culture at large. yea, mens you can say you want to save the earth…so women are you going to participate and take action?

for me, I am taking action. I am speaking, supporting the new culture shift and advocating for those whose voices have been silenced. I am reading and sharing about my history, the herstory of women that has been made invisible and the herstory of other color, gender and ethnicity that has also been made invisible.



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