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what is legal and what heals

July 10, 2014

legalization of weed, marijuana, pot in Colorado and Washington state. so many questions, and not too many answers. I like that it is legal. I like that all medicinal herbs are…lavender, cohosh and I could go on.
the thing with this is that, marijuana has been a schedule 1 drug….lol, drug is not a term I use ongoing in my work. opiods are drugs and I don’t use that term.
but the dea and the nih use these terms.
I like that marijuana is now legal in states. it is a natural herb. I have heard clients state they have used this for symptom management with great success. clients have reported relief from pain, nausea and anxiety. I have been obliged to not count this in my documentation, and you can guess why. its messed up but certainly worth documenting here. it is prevalent in the dying community and in the palliative care commumity. it is silent because, the medical community will not acknowledge it.
I had the opportunity to engage in a virtual palliative care conference courtesy of nhpco and have information reported from brian w jones which I will share here as well as my interpretation. this man works in palliative care and I think as an administrator.
he reported that most studies done on, weed and I will use this because marijuana is too difficult to spell ongoing, are just surveys.
because the feds have a farm of weed and the fda and the nih have to approve these studies and the weed has to come from their farm. so guess why studies have been lacking.
and because studies have been lacking, guess what? there is no research on the benefits.
but, there have been some studies.
cannnabanoids. the components that have been studied. thc and cbd. there are more components of this …who would guess? 400 chemical compounds?
we all know about thc. it works, as with opiods,if one is forgetting their pain, who cares? at least one will not od on weed.
but what about cbd? let us regard without thc component. anti inflammatory, antioxidant, antinecrotic, cardioprotective.
there are so many implications in healing. so why not the studies or the legalization and the schedule 1 category it is?
my take, is that anything herbal has to be controlled if it is good for people. secondly is that big pharm has a role in this.
I am grateful that feds are at hands off at least for now. and that it is now in the peoples hands..
lets go, or let go

and heavens know, women and healers know about silence. deadly


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