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double standard

July 22, 2014

I hate to say it but some women have a double standard when it comes to womens and mens behavior.
women can say and do the same as men, but in my experience, according to my gender it is received differently.
like, I cant be bold, or confrontational, or stand my ground, but according to the double standard, I am supposed to be forgiving, nurturing, gentle..blah, blah blah.
I cant abide by these messed up standards created by another and not me.
I can only be me in any given moment in time. if you cant, will not or don’t have any clue about me, as a woman, as a person, outside your own entitlement, well, get lost.
I have hoped for more from women, but we are not there yet. some women think there is equality, in the messed up that is totally the name of community, women pretend all is well for the greater good. hogwash. the pretending. the wishing. still involved in the double standard. I understand. evolution is a process.
I cannot engage in yours. but I can engage in mine and I will.


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