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July 27, 2014

the idea of community, as I have known it, is to belong to a group that has some kind of values or cultural definitions. in this there are restrictions. just think of Christian communities, Buddhist communities, republican communities, knitting communities, communes, and I could go on. and the big thing for me is that I have been taught the notion, that belonging to community as defined outside of me is important and I have to follow some kind of guidelines.

what I have learned is that there are many so called communities. I use the word community, because the places I have been and people I have known, use this term,,,rather loosely. what I have learned is that regardless of the rules,  preachings and teachings, they are mostly not inclusive, or if they are not , ie free for all, they don’t take responsibility for the members in the community. and I think if one says or reports that they are leaders in community…well then they get to take responsibility for what happens there.

I have learned to navigate so called communities, but I think I belong to none.

I have, in my wanderings found a community at large,  that is totally, free. in that there is no one as a leader or posing as such. and just cause I say I will does not mean I have to. and I do show because when I say, I do. but I respect that people don’t because I have learned the randomness of commitment in community. I have learned that just showing up, I can engage with people, situations, and learn. I can learn at any given moment in time, and that some people don’t engage or learn from any experience.

I have learned from the pdx free store, that community is. it is free, it is random. it is sharing.  I don’t have to pay for it, and no one else has to pay. people show up as they are, as do I. and we interact and create community at any given moment in time

and to me, that is what community is all about. I am looking forward to creating more of this in my life.

farewell to the old guard community structures…






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