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listening deeply

August 29, 2014

initially, a question arose around why people don’t engage with the world around themselves and the greater world. so I was planning on writing about “the bubble”.  then I let it slide on purpose. and the idea digested itself into another quest. the quest for listening deeply.

we all have 5 senses or more depending on what people think. 5 senses that we can use all at once, imagine that!  we can hear, see, smell, taste and feel all at the same time.  I wonder how many of our senses we actually use in any given moment?  I myself, notice that at times, I am so engaged in brain activity that my senses can take a back seat. in that, I am not receiving all the information I can to, inform me about what is happening and give me clues as to beneficial action I can take. I call this engagement in the world of senses as listening deeply.

listening deeply is not, thinking about what just happened, what is going to happen, what I am going to say next to you or just reacting to what is said, or behaviors that are happening around me. it is not thinking I know more than you. it is not being on automatic regurgitation of what I know, or what people, history or society tells me. listening deeply is being naked on all fronts in that I am just there, without armor, ideas, preconceived notions, memories.

the world of technology is wonderful, but I think it prevents people from engaging not only in our senses, but from engaging with one another. it fills our minds, but not our senses. ok, you can say images and sound, as in youtube, etc, but it is limiting us to only 2 of our senses.

I think if people were more truly engaged in listening deeply, that we would live in a very different world. but I am not going to wait for the world, the people who live in it, to do this.  listening deeply will not only inform me and make my life better, it will ripple out.  and I know there is a ripple effect, because I have witnessed it.  the ripples pop the bubble.





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