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a new world

November 10, 2014

such chaotic times. polarized I would say. since fall of 2012, that November times have changed. it was “superstorm sandy”.

people have become so dependent on the systems that are, and have been. government systems, healthcare systems, cultural and societal systems based on gender and race. it is a generational dependence. patriarchal, in that the system will take care of the people. if people are aware, this has not and certainly is not happening.

it is all coming up for re-evaluation and reconstruction.

systems are just that. they are not personable or compassionate or forgiving. in patriarchy, there is no room for questioning, mistakes, difference or anything that represents independence, or interdependence. where is the humanity in systems that are now? people incarcerated for minor infractions, people killed because of race/gender, people having to choose about food, work and shelter due to low wages.  children not being cared for but at the same time, no services for women to be able to respond to their childrens needs. women being incarcerated for not protecting their children from abusive spouses, yet no resources for women to access. misogyny, total hatred of women for being able to speak and create.

for me it seems that there is a HUGE disconnect between the systems that are supposedly designed to represent me and mine, you and yours as well as ours collectively, and the actuality of these systems representing corporations and the 1 percent who are, in essence, the corporations. there is the police state created to protect these interests, training from outside US from people occupying others.

the occupy movement has been a catalyst for people creating more. people on the ground who are creating a different system for people that is by the people and for the people and sustainable. initiatives by the people and for the people are a good example of this in 2014, in the government system that does not listen to the people. I trust this will be the new way of creating for the people in a system that is broken.

I am grateful for people I meet doing good work to create more. creating systems that cultivate questioning, free exchange of goods and services as well as a dialogue meant to connect instead of divide. I intend to learn more, constantly and share.

a new world is being created. birth is never without labor.



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