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another way

December 29, 2014

in all  the turmoil that is me and outside of me, in all of the goodness that is in me and outside of me there is a tension. It is difficult to explain.  the times on this planet are challenging us all, or at least those who can be present in body/mind and understand. Seems like, for me, getting to the root. Like what is truly important to me, so much so that I would give my life for it.  in this there has, over time been a gradual process of letting go of what does not feel right for me. I have felt like a tree shedding leaves for about 2 years. and in the shedding, I have gained new perspective about what feeds me peoplewise and in my daily.  people, some, like routine.

I like my routine that IS NOT mostly a routine. I guess its called going with the flow. yea, I have my morning coffee, and how I ease into the day, my routine, the rest, forget it. toddlers like routine but operate from chaos, well to so called adults pov,  I think the continent/planet  focus is on chaos vs order . I realize some so called adult people act like toddlers but  are regimented, so what if there are a bunch of adult toddlers running  around, acting as order officers?  seems dangerous especially with weapons to kill and so it has been exposed. the government order is always an imposition, especially not justice with regards to race and gender. the bully toddlers rule is changing

it can be another way. I think women can know about roots . i think that women know a lot. I think that its time for women to be heard and in that,  women are speaking not only for themselves, but for children too. we are finding our way. and I will give my life for this.

what is important for you? what will you give your life for?

happy searching, or not.



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