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December 30, 2014

this is a loaded word. everyone one has their way and some profess, their way or the highway. I respect each ones right to choose.

I have worked in the “healing”  aspect of life for quite a while. well, I guess I can say it actually does not matter how long I have been working, studying on this path. for me it matters that I learn personally from my experiences.

my life has been a variety of experiments in healing, mostly on me, but some too on my beloved children. i hope they  understand. ( i think they do because they do their own healing routines and ways) in my mind, i cannot go to the place where i say what i don’t do.

the experiments have lead me to a place that i could not have imagined possible. i can see all and respect, as well as choose what is right for me, regardless of outside interference, mostly not solicited that is ever present.

the western, physical healing model that i get paid for is what i grew up with. its the germ theory, and the fixing the symptom kinda place.  it is not as holistic as it can be, but i do the best i can. I believe that there is a whole person needing care in “healing”. some agencies don’t see the benefit–hello medicare, Medicaid, insurances!

for myself, i try and practice a daily healing something (it can vary), in addition to  2-3 times a week self care something…i like to keep my healing avenues open to what seems appropriate at any given time. the former can include, yoga, dancing with weights in my hands, or walking. the latter can include watching a sad movie, going hiking in the forest, gardening or eating a pizza and or chocolate.

monthly i receive massage and give massage. i volunteer. i paint.

i take vacations, even if its just time off from working on a routine basis and have 2 scheduled, so far in the next year.

i also use essential oils on a daily basis, drink lots of water, eat good food and try and be present for all the things i do for me… because i am good at being present with you…and people ask me who is “you”?  the collective you..



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