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January 8, 2015

forgiveness, is a trite response and an over used word to excuse people from transgressions they don’t even care to acknowledge.  I know about this word. I have been this in essence until the curtain came down and shown me the other side of what I have been believing. I have been a believer in innocence, beauty, strength and truth for a long time despite odds.

there were some events in my life that forever changed my view on this.  and in this, I cannot go back to what I believed and who I was.

forgiveness for me now, is about me and not about you. I cannot help you, in any way, shape or form unless you are willing to receive. many people cannot receive. they like control. me too, I like some measure of control now mostly regarding the decisions I make, my ability to speak online, in public forums without misogynist comments, my ability to walk down the street or walk in a store and not be bothered.

I want to help in healing the racial divide. women have a common interest in life. and so I  can ask for forgiveness for what has happened. and I can dream of how I can serve. forgiveness in conversation.

I can forgive myself for anything. y’all (blah can figure)  not so much. but then its not up to me. its up to you.



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