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the game

January 19, 2015

my life and particular, the past few, several years has been about observing, digesting, learning, and unlearning.

in observing, I have learned how uncomfortable people are with change. people in general like the status quo. the don’t rock the boat mentality .but I always do,  and in doing so I create waves. I create waves that some people surf on. I create waves people don’t like and I like that they don’t.

change in me has not been easy.., if anyone tells you it is easy, they are fools, it is not real . its a switcheroo of one thing or body  for another.

real change is rocking the boat inside and outside. real change is not substituting one body for another.

and so having unlearned, digested and learned I am going with new forms I create, people, ideas that make some people uncomfortable. I have also disconnected with many who have been critical or unsupportive of me in this process. lets face it, who wants people in their life, who don’t support?

in this time , in the stars as in my life it is a zero point. a point of beginning again on my own terms and the possibilities are endless. I intend to make good use of the possibilities being presented to me as well as my intuition and what I have unlearned.

the game board has changed for me as well as the game and the players.



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