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January 25, 2015

I am known for my outspoken words. so here goes another post.

I work in western medicine world. been in this world as work for a long time, about thirty years give or take. I have studied other healing modalities for as long as I have been in this work. and it is amazing to me that people in any world of healing have answers for me.

what I have learned in all this time, is that no one has any answers for me. the answers are within me. the catalyst was a long period of time when I only had catastrophic health insurance for myself and my children. I learned many things about self care and what works.

a few examples….

I don’t usually get ill often. but my skin is my indicator. it erupts at times in redness. in western medicine people call this a name and have varying treatments, none of which has ever worked for me. I know the game. I go to a doctor who says thus and such and gives me medicine and I am told to come back. this scenario over a small space of time taught me that these people don’t know me or what to do. they are guessing at my health. I have taken steroids at their recommendation only once and now I know why people don’t like them. they make one crazy, on any levels. creams with steroids were useless.

I can say that my skin is an indicator of perhaps internal vs external factors.  I can say this because I have learned it always goes away on its own, though I use aromatherapy mostly as a daily practice according to what sounds helpful at any given moment in time. I use coconut oil on a regular basis and more so during these times. I rest, and listen to what my body wants. and I express in any form be it writing, painting or physical movement.

over time this has occurred less and less. but now I don’t make a big deal about it. it happens, and I know it will go away, because it always does. people who have seen my skin at times look at me in horror. their fear, not mine.

another example is transient illness, some people call colds and flu. I don’t call what happens in transient illness anything. I do notice what I am feeling. such as, a couple of weeks ago I felt exhausted, my body temperature was higher than normal and I felt congested. when I feel this way, I don’t work or do anything. I mostly just sleep and I feel better in 2-3 days. no antibiotics, no flu shots. again I use aromatherapy, perhaps vitamin c, homeopathic and what seems true to me at the time.

I take the time to notice what I am feeling and what I need, whether it be a hike in the forest, sleeping all day, painting, being alone, massage ( I receive this regularly) singing,, eating chocolate or candy drinking wine, or just watching a sunset.

though I work in a certain environment, I have learned what works for me. and what works for me may not work for you. I will never give advice  about what will heal a person, like I know, not. and I advise all to look within, notice and see what helps you, because lets face it, everyone is selling something that they say is good for you…maybe its snake oil? no horror and no fear on this end.

a theory I am contemplating about being in some peoples fields that are not harmonious with mine and therefore I experience certain symptoms. this has occurred more than once for me. I am intrigued. vs the germ theory.



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  1. “no horror and no fear.” yes. yes. yes.

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