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February 9, 2015

watching the hunger games film. seems appropriate given the times; rules, playing fields, choices and judges.

today, the games are a hot mess. the rules are made up by people past and present, in rule, but not for the masses. rules are made to keep the patriarchy in force and power. rape culture is part of the power and force of the patriarchy. it ensures that women and lgbt, people of color–race,  and children will be kept in a subservient place, a place of no power. religion plays a part in this be it muslim, catholic, protestant, Buddhist or whatever. by excluding anyone who is not a male, who cannot procreate in body or cannot procreate period.

I have rage at the charade that is the media and the patriarchy that pretends  that people in all have equality and that there is fairness in the system. there is no equality and no fairness. there are pretensions, like the people with disability act, and the equal rights amendment, here in Oregon, the civil rights amendment..but these are not real. shams they are to placate but not address the real situations and face to face in the daily. I have rage at the law that has not changed despite the above and continues to support white men degrading all in their sphere of influence. don’t get me started on law , because made by white man to serve white man.

the society thinks, and these are men and women, that there is choice. no way.

supreme court law of the land has said over and again that women are null and void as well as anyone not a white male. they have said police are the supreme of the land. they have said corporations are people and ahem they don’t look like us.

I don’t expect anything to change anytime soon.

there are people working on local levels to change these things, but mostly they are white and male and don’t ask what it is others want.

what will I do?  I don’t know?

I want to help change the hot mess.

I am a warrior and not waiting to stand in line behind you..not  wanting to have to shout over you..

I may have to go another way. not sure.

I am a threat to some because of my words. yea. I got no guns yet. you all do



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