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February 11, 2015

me, now is not who I was.

I grew up moving around due to outside circumstances beyond my control. I have found through the ages, people so scared and ingrained in the small town and big city mentalities who think its all about them.  I have tried throughout my ages to reach out. this is what I have learned and what I do best. cliques, small town mentality is everywhere.

I used to think that people being scared and unfriendly was all about me. but I have discovered that it is all about you and being scared. mostly white people. thus the violence, rape of people so some people can be in control and keep their so called power. some people cant get out of their own comfort zone enough to even see another let alone hear them . I have  been given a gift. I thought it was a curse. its not my curse but yours.

I am sooo grateful I figured out that I am good and some others not so much, white people especially males. get a grip and get over your precious entitlement.

thank you forward


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