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the game part 2

February 14, 2015

lets talk about the game. the game is money, sex and power, not exactly in order.

the game is all about this. power, the adage says leads to corruption and we can all see it

these days.  men in power, all about the money and the sex…whether it be prostitutes, or trafficking of women or

just plain abuse and rape on an individual level.

men in money think they all powerful so they can degrade and hold women hostage or pay them to do their bidding whether women willing or not. some men make their money off of women.

men in it for the sex, still think they all powerful  and like they control the women  they are with.

men in government, controlling the international monetary fund, in entertainment industry, in local affairs still have this mindset and I can tell ya honeys its going to change.  its because the god or the universe or the individuals are not into it and it is time for a regime change. the power is shifting NOW and y’all better be ready.

we women are a mighty force as is all . watch out king babies of the money, power, sex world.  watch your back, cause you may not know what is coming and what will take you down.

I am only interested in equality and justice.  are you?



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