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February 16, 2015

with children, having children, knowing children, what is helpful?

there are manuals, charts, gurus and blah blah about raising children.  none of them, from my experience, say hey, what is your child like?  what does your child need? what are children  like, how do they learn? women know.

in this, in retrospect as in forwarding to my friends about to give birth, this is what I say.

engage with your little babies, or little beings as they grow into themselves. the major food is your foresight about how you want their environment to be.  lets face it, there are outside influences and pressures on moms about what they need to do to keep their child safe and what they should be doing in terms of benchmarks.  a lot of it mainstream, I have questioned with mine pastly.

I say now, in hindsight, it is all about the child as individual. each being is different.

mines, one use to ask me why the school system was turning children into drones. he was about 11 years. he asked me why we could not homeschool.  and at that time, I was on survival mode, single parent,  no resources, no help.  so I said because I could not..

my other, well school was not meeting his needs.  the teachers called me,  like I should know how to deal with him in school.  he was fine at home. he was made a problem in the system and found another way due to a system failure.

both of my kidlings are awesome. they are now in their twenties. one is an law school graduate and another is gainfully employed and skillful at his trade.

children have wisdom, creativity, and knowledge. this is ignored by the powers that be in education and this controlled by government and or corporations. .  test scores all the rage. if the child does not meet this they labeled.  like what? cause of the expectations that children will never meet? making children drones or failures before they even begin life?   engagement  with a child as they are is the answer.

yea, lets teach to the test and make children failures. lets take away arts and physical fitness, so unimportant, lets make children fail even before they start in this world. all because of government, ahem mens attitudes about learning.  yep. no women control the system yet.

but we can recognize the disparity. and we can just do the best we can. I did and will continue to advocate. some rich you can do..recognize its not all about you.

and I did not even address the heinous about girls or people not white in education.  the next time.



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