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do you even bother to ask?

February 20, 2015

asking about who another person is, where they come from, what they want and what is their experience…seems the theme for me now,

I have been told a lot, in fact constantly.  how I should behave, what I should want, who I should be. people some so involved in them selves don’t have time to listen or to explore anyone except themselves.

yes it is a culture on rote. like because a person has always been and behaved a certain way it is “the way they are” or “the way I am”. sorry babies, no excuses now.

by being in rote mode an exponential mode of being is excluded as an excuse for people to continue their behaviors.

it has taken me a lifetime to unlearn this. like you are the way you are and always will be because you say you cant change.  this is hogwash, because I have been able to unlearn and change and grow to see it is not all about self.

I think it is about entitlement too.  if people change and get to engage in other beings constantly they will lose this. and to me it is a good thing.

many of the ills of culture can be changed just by truly engaging in another without the narcissism  that I see daily.

I don’t need processing and I don’t do that on you. processing is for food only. and I don’t eat that kind of food.



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