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February 24, 2015

I always like to go to a source to find out a meaning of a word,  I always have my own interpretation.

websters has a bunch on this but what strikes me is  “extreme anguish of body or mind, agony”.

a lot in the world about torture in the news feed.  it seems associated with death as in news feed on ISIS.

legend in USA about torture of racial nature associated with death.

Ferguson a defining as well as other people killed as with ISIS. think ISIS is capturing people and holding them hostage.  think in USA people of not white captured in the sphere of economic disparity, poverty due to the powers that be that hold people hostage whether they educated or not. people in the sphere of economic disparity, poverty are held hostage and they are killed because of profiling.

the jim crow laws have changed into a new kinda thing.  like one does not have work because of economic hostage situation, honey pretend you are black for a minute,  or a black woman or that you have work but you cannot make ends meet because you are not paid enough. how do children survive? what opportunities exist in the community to make the whole?

incarceration due to profiling and lack of economic opportunities has become big business. contracted out to corporations who are only interested in making big bucks. now the healthcare in these facilities is being contracted out as well. and when people do have the opportunity do get out there are no resources awaiting them.  no jobs, no supports no nothing.  so people wonder why people go into a revolving door of torture?

women incarcerated removed from their children. so what happens to the children?  women pregnant in prison shackled while giving birth. is this not torture? not only for the women but the children?

and if one does have, the USA says you could not ever have, why, I will stop you because you do have.

its a no win situation for some. torture, no justice. just like ISIS.

the children concern me the most because mine own are my loves.

how can children be blamed for the fault of economic situations and what they look like?

my one child, white has, from day one been in the black community. it is him, he chose his friends and I cannot say another.  due to this, he has been profiled.  that he is dangerous for being with black teens, young adults or whoever black.. he totally knows about hands up don’t shoot because he has been there due to his associations.

for me, I think that people who have to live with profiling is living with torture. everyday is like living ones last, and one could be killed at anytime or jailed for no reason. and I think its like living in gaza or with ISIS. one never knows.

so the next time y’all thinking about ISIS and torture, look in your own country first.



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