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February 27, 2015

wellness is a hot topic these days, the buzzword in medicine. medicine has come a long way from just trying to fix a person to understanding that fixing the physical does not in and of itself produce health.  the model is changing from one of parent-child to a more equal way of viewing health with collaboration by the health care provider and the other.  of course there are still providers that ascribe to the holding of power in health over the person in health. change comes slowly.

so my question is not what produces wellness.  my question is what IS wellness?

everyone has an understanding of their own about what wellness means.  and I think that this is good because I don’t think there is any RIGHT answer, no one way.

in talking with a young woman of 25 on her healing journey in health, I learned a lot.  from her perspective, wellness is not just of the body, or just of the mind or just of the emotional body. she is integrating all to find her wellness.  she is using western medicine modalities, physical practices, aromatherapy, as well as looking at the way she perceives the world at large in terms of herself presently, her experience in life up until this time,  her relationships, learned generational patterns, and coping mechanisms. she is understanding herself and knowing what she herself can contribute and when she can use guides to help her.

in talking with her, I was in awe.  she is far and away more aware than I was at her age.  she knows what wellness is for her, what her goals are and what she can do to get to that place. we talked about healing generational patterns physically, emotionally, and mentally that can be achieved just by a person pursuing wellness, whatever that means to them. it is not an easy road.  there is always the tugging of people who don’t really want patterns changed.  some people like the status quo and will do anything to keep people and situations from changing.  it takes a strong person to find what wellness really is for them and to pursue it with all they have. it can mean letting go of toxic people and patterns, even in the people that have been closest to us.

wellness is a state of being, I think and I hope we all can find that place for ourselves.



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