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why do people travel?

February 28, 2015

traveling. I do and don’t. it depends on what one thinks traveling is. I travel in my landscape nearby mostly.  in this I can discover, even  in places I have traveled to before, new things and new people. in my work, I travel by road and see and experience new places and people constantly as well as familiar ones.

I have lived in a variety of places, in usa. I have traveled in the sphere of those places. I have limited experience abroad traveling. in this it seems like it does not matter to me to go and travel and SEE THE WORLD. i am happy where i am and don’t feel the need to go out and experience a different culture, because, if i am aware, i can experience a person and their culture right where i am at any given moment. i know people from Africa, Asia, the Middle east, Phillipines and Island people, Europe, Native americans and other parts of the USA just by living in the place i do.  i think,  that is all i need in terms of cultural experience. the same inequalities exist everywhere in terms of race, gender and class.

in terms of experiencing geographical locations, that is not so important to me. mountains are, rivers are, oceans are, deserts are, islands are and so forth. I do travel to see a few family, and I do travel to go to places where education is happening that is not here. I don’t go just because I want to travel, I go because it is needed.

i am grateful for the beauty and all that i experience in the landscape that is where i am.  no need to travel to find something new, some answer, some person, some icon from history, some religious marker,  or some question. people will do what they do for whatever reason.



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