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i am the daughter

March 6, 2015

I still have 2 parents living. I am the offspring of both.  given a recent visit, I have come to know both better, and in that, myself.

I have my fathers tenacity, his willingness to go for something no matter what and say no matter what. It can be a good thing for a female. I have my mothers randomness and her ability to not plan and just see what happens. my mothers attention to detail I have learned as well.

and I have learned qualities that I have unlearned.  no disrespect, but I am me.  I am not a controlling person. I  get to see other peoples stories and don’t get to say that I worry, they should be different according to my experience or expectations. I don’t get to judge people according to that they are not productive everyday of their life or believe in terms of material possessions or what what work constitutes or the outcome of such.

this time it was gentle. in the past, not so much. I said mine and what I say is important.

people talk, talk, talk, about how good they are, what good they have done, how they are liked,  and about other people.

my mind is elsewhere. and my work is the same. I don’t need accolades. some do and so kudos to you. I am more not in the world that has existed pastly, though I revisit.

I am creating my own.



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