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in the deep

March 6, 2015

I read a lot. I don’t read fairy tales, romance novels, or stories so I can escape. I read the stuff that questions everything I have ever known. I read to learn and not to escape.

the new jim crow by michelle alexander is my new read. I have spoken on this before but I cannot help but speak of it again. it is a tome of sorts.  a slow read due to the subject matter not unlike reading wounded knee, that equally engaged me and also ripped me apart.  I cannot escape what michellle alexander says from page to page. about profiling

“per legal scholar david cook has observed ‘in practice…can include traveling with luggage, driving an expensive car, driving a car that needs repairs, driving with out of state license plates, driving a rental car,  driving with ‘mismatched occupants” “( this I have experience with second hand), acting too calm,  acting too nervous, dressing casually, weariing expensive clothes or jewelry..” need I say more?  I think its called walking, driving, living while black or brown. at least that’s what I know.

unless I can learn an be ripped apart of all I have known, what is learning?  mens books speaking lalalalla about history that is written by white men mostly?

I was a geography major in university and most tomes written my scholarly white men, though I did meet some African men, who were able to explain some from their perspective,

totally open. but, not engaging in people who say everyone is equal.



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