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the skin i am in

March 8, 2015


the skin I am in at times, seems like no skin. I feel like I have had to grow a skin just to protect myself. like the grass growing to protect the sands.

people, some, maybe most have thick skins. I imagine, not knowing, that they can absorb a lot of information and experiences that I cannot. they can absorb:  shock, violence, hurt, sexism, racism, classism and more, which I cannot. well, I can, if I choose to be a zombie. maybe I am imagining that people I know do,  because they do not react or emote or express. they are zombie. like life is good all the time. I don’t get it. where do you live and who do you interact with and what do you really see in life?  is my question to you.

I cannot absorb the above because I do react. I do emote, I do feel, i do say, and  it gets under my skin. no I cant get over it, I don’t have grass to protect me. just because some people say that this is the way life is. and I can be happy, but I am never complacent. I am an activist from my core and I feel it from my core and sometimes in my skin. I cannot accept what is,  and say, yeah all is good In my life so fuck you all.  and I know people who do this covertly. they would never do this overtly for heavens sake. just like racism and sexism. god forbid people will say they are,  when they really are covertly. they got the grass for protection and to hide in.

I will say and emote and feel and express regardless of your wiseass selves, your smug selves, and your ignorant selves. not sitting pretty and waiting for the world to change. changing it. maybe my skin is growing thicker, but I like to  think I don’t have to have a thick skin, I just have to use my tools and my words and  my  wisdom. and yes, I can be happy and I am. I enjoy the moments that give me joy.

what skin are you living in?



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