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the they of they

March 15, 2015


so is this art? did I go to art school? is it worthy of being called art? I am I worthy of calling it art?

these same questions go through my mind with regards to children being in this world.  are they worthy to create? are they worthy enough to know what they learn is on their time or is it more expedient to say they have to learn how to write their name at a certain age, or learn to read by a certain age, or be able to understand numbers at a certain age? does school really teach this to children in a way that they can understand, from the individual? am I worthy to know what I need to learn without people constantly telling me what I need to learn? are not we all individuals and not cookie cutter pieces?

from my experience, in myself, and with my children, it is not about us and who we are.  it is about the outside world, the THEY. and from speaking with other women, I know this is true for them as well.

THEY say children need to know this at this point in time, or THEY say my art is not art because I am not an art schooled.  THEY say children are adults, and not children. THEY say they are in control.

well, I don’t believe the THEY as the THEY does not believe or respect me or my children. sexism is a major player in the THEY. racism is too.

who do you believe?

it is a choice to listen to THEY or listen to myself, my intuition, my children and how I know them and know myself, cause heaven knows the school system does not know them, nor the world, and the world does not know me. it is up to me to stand in my truth at any given time and not listen to the THEY, who simply want everything to go according to a plan or structure.  their plan is not mine, my childrens or any other.

standing with all who are doing this good work because it needs to be done despite the THEY of THEY.


for Elizabeth w


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