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spiritual crap

March 18, 2015


I have been down the road of intellectual learning in terms of spirituality, ie didactic, and the experiential road. the didactic seemed easy. in essence, in the literature, they all the same. and I like this because to me, the message is the same. be kind, do good, give and take care of one self.

when I decided to discover outside of my previous experience, I learned that the didactic was crap in terms of people practicing.  I can say people who followed the prescribed were totally intellectuals and knew and know the doctrine, but don’t have a clue about how to practice it.  not in totality, but my experience. there are always the few who actually walk the talk and I do know the few. it is what it is. I used to go to catholic church and see people in their furs and guys in fancy suits who were living the high life. some still do and still do believe that they are practicing a good spiritual life. I cannot say they don’t, I can say, pastly, I don’t think they did.

then there are the mavericks.  I like mavericks. people who take what is and make it their own.  I am one of them. among us are a group of charlatans, who choose to call themselves leaders.  in this they like to have great power  in forming their own groups, and doctrines. many cult like and loving the money, sex, power thing. in this I have seen a great destruction of people.  people believe leaders, especially people who are vulnerable and looking for answers to life. I have met  people who are looking for spiritual communities and answers that they go wherever the brand says “spirituality” and don’t want to listen to my “negativity” about the charlatans. many who are looking, I have known as women. many charlatans I have known are men. I cannot say except for my experience. there are so many, so called mavericks, that brand their own kind of spirituality, in Christianity, in Buddhism, Judaism, Hinduism, islam and more. some so called spiritual are actually becoming political, or were all along. I cant say but, I see this across the globe now and even in the usa.

I cant prevent people from pursuing what they think is good for themselves, despite my knowing.  I can know, for myself, what is for real for me, in the spiritual realm and not accept the brand as being good enough. is Monsanto a good brand for food? is another crappy spiritual brand good for food?

not for me.  I am a choosy in terms of my physical, emotional, mental and spiritual nourishment.



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