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penny pinchers

March 19, 2015


my mother used to work in a retail store when she was in school as well.  she used to tell me stories about rich people coming to shop at the high end store where she worked.  she told me that rich people used to come for sales.  she said that they would buy the most inexpensive shirts or whatever, despite the craft, because they were inexpensive.  she said that is how rich people stay rich.

I believed it.  I am not sure this is how it works now, though it could be.  I do think that rich people are penny pinchers like many of us folk who do to live. I guess at least this is the base commonality.

I think now days rich people are penny pinchers at the expense of not retailers, but perhaps, but mostly at the expense of other people laboring in the world. think of clothing being made in Bangladesh, in substandard factories that are not unlike those in ny during the industrial revolution.  think of corporations outsourcing to india and other countries that pay their workers less.  think of GOP and their ideas of cutting SNAP and other safety nets to help people who are not able to make it in this world.

the new penny pinchers, rich,  are the corporations, the stockholders, the hedge fund people buying real estate and kicking out working people to make more money, as well as trying to get into the charter school biz, the lawyers that support this, the banks and crooked lending laws and redlining,  the union busting people not only corporations, but state governors. the people who have, who are making their pennys ahem big bucks at the expense of oh so many people. I will not even get into the laws that make women nonentities in their own healthcare, paying for same without support,  or their lives as such. that will be another post unto itself.

all the while, many of us still penny pinch just to live and feed ourselves and our families.

I can see a new model whereby people are not participating in any of the above.

I can see the model of the free store, the free gardens, and people sharing their expertise with one another for free. I can see people sharing housing. I can see a new world where the people who have lots and are penny pinching off of others will be SOL because we will not participate or engage in the game. people can and are doing these things right now, here, in this moment and I can only say it will grow. greed cannot prevail,

so rich people, you may want to have a second look, cause the fear you intend to create is just a cloud in the sky and people don’t pay a mind to it.



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