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March 20, 2015

its a loaded word. there is the Hollywood, theatrical world of drama. there is the media world of drama.  there is the personal world of drama.  I think all are connected.

I am not sure, but I think people get bored by their lives and need to create some kind of drama to actually express and feel. others like to watch the drama because they cant speak of theirs and become a voyeur instead. I think media creates drama to distract people from their real lives and what is actually real.

I am not talking about healing.  I am talking about peoples angst. some kind of yearning for expression. and I am talking about distraction.

drama, as a real, articulate expression, I can understand. it can be healing in this way.

drama as notice me, notice me, help me, help me,is not constructive. drama as notice me so you don’t have to notice yourself is another avenue conveyed.

do I like drama? personally, not so much. I see it daily in my work.  am I entertained by it? totally.I like to be entertained at times and watching others fake dramas is total entertainment for me.

are you a drama queen or king?

are you entertained by this?

or is drama a way of being for you?

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