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March 22, 2015


lifestyle.  how does one live their life and what is valued?  a big question in my mind now.

my parents come from working class in the cities.  they eventually settled into suburban lifestyle and all that this entails.

I, in turn, lived the suburban for my initiation into my own lifestyle. gradually, it changed into a lifestyle I chose for me and my family.  I chose to live in a sort of urban neighborhood.  I say this because northwest urban neighborhoods are not the east coast urban neighborhoods I was familiar with. I guess, maybe it actually was a suburban, urban neighborhood, if there is such a term.  I could walk to services and places to eat. my children could walk or bike to school. it was not the typical suburban where a car is necessary at every turn. it was not a lifestyle of having granite countertops or the newest furniture, or tech gadgets.

I have moved again into an urban area due to choice.  I like that I can walk and receive services in my neighborhood without a car. this is the geographics of lifestyle.

in lifestyle, there is also a choice in means of work, and the amount of work i choose to do. I chose to work in a field where there is lateral mobility. mind you, not upward mobility, though that is available, but the attraction has been in the lateral mobility.  I work in a field that has exponential possibilities due to the services I provide. I understand that many people don’t have these choices, but I chose, consciously to go into the field I am in. I am an RN.

I have worked in a variety of capacities in this field.  I also chose to learn massage therapy. between my business, that I chose to initiate in massage therapy and my work as an RN, I was able, as my children were growing to choose my work hours. granted, it was not totally optimal, but it was better than having to work full time, at the hands of a corporate beast on their terms. I was able to mostly, meet the needs of my children, and my financial responsibilities once I became a single parent. yes, it was a choice of having no benefits, because the prevailing entities would not provide this.

I know people who have their nose to the grindstone constantly. and for what? do dollars bring you happiness?  why do you have million dollar homes and still this is not enough for you? more dollars, more dollars. when you are dead, what will you do with all of your dollars? and if you are into investments, what/who is to guarantee any outcome for you in your lifetime?

fast forward to today. today, my children are in their 20s and living their lives. I have chosen to work part time, because I can, due to my simple life and I have chosen to see my life in more than terms of work or children.  I do love my work, and I do love my children. but these are not who I am. I am more than and I can create more in my life now. I have been in an in between state. I have chosen not to live in a house with a mortgage for some time now. since 2006 I have lived in apartments. I am grateful for listening to my intuition to sell my home before the bubble. but since then I have never been sure about this lifestyle. recently, I have revisited the idea of buying a home, which means not really owning it, but just having a mortgage, payments, more work and less money to play with. today I realized that, I have been there and done that. having a mortgage does not mean having security. it does not mean anything, though in some circles is does, but not to me.

elders have always told me, don’t wait until your golden years to enjoy life and I am taking them at their words. one person I met retired, and a month later got a terminal diagnosis, just when he and his spouse were preparing to enjoy their retirement. he died 3 months later.

lifestyle…getting mine down.

what are you waiting for??



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