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responding in kind

March 23, 2015

learning from a friends experience about giving and receiving.  it had been not balanced in my life for the early part. it was expected of me and for some.

some people are good at receiving constantly. some mens good at it. entitlement. and some womens are good at it too, for whatever reason. I am reminded of the film the coior purple, that I viewed today. the scene where celie is leaving her abusive spouse, a taker, and basically says to him, may whatever he has given or not come back on him. it always does come around.

I have learned the balance. I am good at giving and I do it from the heart.  I have learned that I give to people that I know, also, who give. I have learned that I dont have to receive from these same people because they are giving in their lives.

I have learned that I can receive from others as a gift for what I have given people the givers to  me don’t even know. and I receive it in kind. like go around.

giving and receiving, the balance.



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