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March 24, 2015

the idea, that I, as me am able to create and craft what is.

today, I went shopping in a clothes store with a dear friend.  looking at all of the babies and childrens clothes and thinking WHAT?  the colors, patterns, logos were so gender identified according the pattern of society gender identification. to me it was disturbing.  I found a few I could say were not. but, in this, what are we making our children to be?

as well as the the items available to me, as a woman, my size, and my taste.

I have been thinking, why?  I can create something more here, in the world.

why should children be pink if girls or blue or green if boys, and why is there no yellow?

I totally don’t understand the dynamics.

and then, I thought, well, I can create more than this.

I volunteer at a free store, where there are lots of lovely fabrics, and clothes that are recycled.  I benefit from this as do others. I have been thinking of this source as a place to take the textiles, the clothing, and turn it into something new, new patterns. new creations. I don’t know anything about doing this but I do know something about doing this.  I know about patterns, and I know about ripping apart patterns and finding materials to create something new.

I can create new because I know of past patterns and I have the ingenuity to learn the pattern and change it.

I plan to create more clothing patterns from recycled with more variation in the the texture, the colors and prints.

we all do know patterns and have the ingenuity. a metaphor for my life now.



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