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overt vs covert

March 26, 2015

seems the game in the outer world, being covert. what is really being said vs what is deeper. people to me, sometimes say that they are transparent, but it is a lie. there is a hidden agenda underneath the niceness. emotion is not an acceptable experience to  some.  I emote. it is what I do, it is who I am. I like deep and I like people who are real and do emote. people who don’t are scary and I can spot them a mile away. I do overt.

I have had greater experience with more people than most. it is overt mostly. some covert.

a recent experience. a couple trying to cope with the death experience. a son, a lawyer trying to muscle in. he never there. he trying to change his fathers wishes. he is causing distress to his family because of money. he is wanting money over family relations. he is covertly trying to take control over something he has no control over. he is a bully.

I can be overt and advocate. I cannot say what will happen in the end. it is up to the people involved. I can say don’t talk to despicable people and don’t let them in your home. people will do what they do.

for me, I know the game. I will be overt and knowing people who are covert with hidden agendas. I have learned this. I have nothing to fear.



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