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we are all the same

March 29, 2015

it seems, I have heard this said a lot. we are all the same?

how does this figure in this world?

are people, the new age ignoring the basic inequalities that exist? or are other religions perpetuating this myth as well?

I don’t buy it. I am a white woman and don’t earn as much as a man in my field.  I have not received support financial or otherwise from people to support my children when I was a single parent and my ex did not ante up or believed he could not.

how are we all the same?

I can only imagine native people, people of color, lgbt and others in this world. people being locked up in prison as children or mentally ill, or because of trumped up charges. people not having enough to eat or places to live. people ;being  persecuted on a daily basis. imagine rape and sexual harassment, sexual assault. people being shot on the streets by police for no reason. I could go on and on.

I think this is a sham doctrine meant to placate people to not take action.  it is not helpful to me or others.

when people take action, on behalf of the whole and say this, then I will believe.

It is my work to write about this and live it.

I think we came from the same place but where we entered this world was a game changer.



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