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the land of peter pans is now becoming defunct

April 1, 2015

DSCN1494for centuries, reproductive choice has been a moot point.

in the past several decades the question has been asked about choice.

like women have a  vocal choice, not to conceive, and not to get raped like we don’t stand for it and wont have it.  women have made their voices loud and clear.

the establishment, and men who make children, composed of peter pans cant understand this. they like that they can stick their dicks in anyone and be free of any responsibility or consequences. that is the way it has been for centuries.  why do they need to change?

meanwhile, women are raped, and are scapegoated if they have illegitimate children, or if they choose to abort, which is an option now.  women who have had children and their family situation cant support are also scapegoated if they choose not to have more children. contraception is under attack, because of the attack on women. the religious faction would rather see women barefoot and pregnant without options, due to gods plan so they try and eliminate options for women and families that would ease their burden. and then we come to women who perhaps, have been married, who are not and have children that are not supported but their income, or their spouse and certainly not by society.

ok. so its all about the children? or its all about the peter pans who choose to flit about and not take responsibility for all the children being born? what is the question and what is the answer?

I only know that what is is not working for children or women. I might be working for mens mighty well.

women are being criminalized now for their choices in reproduction. mens, not so much cause they the decision makers in this world for the most part at this time. they are the people who rape and assault women.

so mens make babies, then don’t take responsibility and blame it on the womens.  classic peter pan.

well, I can say that women are onto the game. no, we are not wendy and will not take your responsibility or be your mamas and take care of your babies because you wont. well, we have done this, but this is not to say that it cant change.

its time for men to ante up and take responsibility for their dicks and what they create. and if they create, they gotta ante up on a personal level, and on a larger level.

if men are in government and in society and see this need, it is their responsibility to speak up for womens and childrens needs if they are not being met, due to other peter pans. military mens  and police and others get to rape, but not take responsibility, but women cant make a choice if raped by them? so are the rapists going to take care of the children they make?

if children are born, who will take care of them? who will support them financially? how will they become who they are?

these questions are never asked by the establishment or the men who make the laws, but women in government and law are asking the questions and making proposals to make the world a better place for children, and women..

I can see the the land of peter pans being destroyed and a new land being created.



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