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April 6, 2015

this word has been on my mind for the past 2 days.  it is full of meaning. in the websters it says “the meaning assigned to anothers creative work, action or behavior.”

I work with people who speak different languages and in this there is a meaning. “to translate what is said in a foreign language”, again from websters.  I think that this is the true meaning.

when I speak to people of different languages in my work, I tend to have an interpreter, a medical interpreter, an outside interpreter, to interpret what people are actually saying.  family can do this be this, but there is a bias and they may not interpret what I am saying without their personal flavor. even then, sometimes, it happens that what I say is not truly communicated.

I think that because in this country we all speak a certain language, it is a given. like when I say something or write it, it is understood because we all seem to speak the same language.

this is a false belief. just because we all speak American language does not mean what I say is understood from my point of view. people cast meanings onto my words or my writing according to their ethnocentricity.

ethnocentricisim, “the tendency to view alien groups or cultures from the perspective of one’s own”.  this is another aspect of interpretation.  like because you are you and I am me, you get to interpret me according to your own perspective. I have experienced this a lot in terms of not only gender, but class and generational.

I think, I have tried, and still do go out of who I am, and my experience to understand what another is saying. I ask questions, and I observe the other. I notice body language, and subtle cues. I write and say from what I experience and what I observe. i don’t write and say from what i believe you are, or who i think you are, or who i want you to be,

when people say to me, about what I believe, what I like, who I am, what I feel and what I experience from their voices, it causes hurt and harm.

it is time for a new view on interpretation. one that comes from truly trying to listen and observe, instead of constantly saying from ones viewpoint. in this, I think, the world and peoples relationships could be different and better.



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