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April 8, 2015

I am dancing in my life now. I don’t need, at this time to go back to that.

I learned ballet at 3 years,  in elementary I did ballet. at one point, when I was young, in elementary, there was a show.

I wanted to dance, and I missed a practice and was told I was out. it did not matter the reason that I explained, I was out.

I learned a lesson about dance then. I still danced after that in elementary school and sang too. I loved it.

in high school I danced. it was required. I learned tap dance, and modern dance. then I got kind of fed up, when the teacher did not show, but then did,  I did not. I got in trouble for being rebellious, but I did not care. after that the rules changed about mandatory dancing.

I like to dance. I did dance after that in my college years. it was the whatever dance. mostly rock and roll, punk and freestyle.I was not concerned about form.

when I moved to Portland, I learned about other freestyle dance, with form. I like to call it trance dance. some call it ecstatic dance these days. I learned salsa, I learned tango.

in all in Portland, I learned a lot not about dance, because, I know dance, I can do it. dance is a form. I learned about how dance for some is not really a form, but, a way to meet people, a way to hook up, a way to get out of their head, a way to connect with other people, because they cant in their real life, a way to tell me what I am doing wrong, and what I cant do and a way to vogue,

I go to dance to dance. I don’t go to dance because of any of the above, which is why I don’t anymore. I don’t need to pay people money to take the joy out of something I have found, and find joyful, regardless of your game.

maybe someday I will dance again. I do, in my space, without the outside junk.



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