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double standard

April 10, 2015

is everywhere in terms of race and gender. people so engaged in the game, they think its equal.

hahahhhaaa. the game is on you. and I think some people really believe this, from my experience.

no equality in terms of politics, society or culture.

this one is about women in politics.

women as candidates for president. it has happened in the 1970s, apparently no one ready.

even now. women as candidates for president, and not only that,  but for more congressional seats.

what I see in media, and I don’t read mainstream or even look at tv on this is so fucking patriarchal. even in so called activist, it is the same, as I see it.

like women, even though the underdogs are continually held to a higher standard despite sexual harassment and gender typing.

so women as candidates get to be harassed, get to be criticized because they can have babies.

are you mens jealous that we can, so you ask stupid questions that have nothing to do with women candidates? or are you ignorant of anything regarding women? or are you just peter pans who don’t give a rip?

we will perservere, despite the climate. and I can say, mens have been in the political sphere since the usa inception. so is anything different regarding race and gender? maybe so, but not because of white male control freaks in government, who don’t have a clue. and the white male electorate who cant see beyond their noses.

the world can switch the control. women and other cultures are changing their game and in this not tolerating the longstanding game of fools that has existed as well as the double standard .

it is crumbling with my help and the help of my friends.



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