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definitions about me or you

April 12, 2015

I saw a post about women in public spaces, with words crossed off. the words crossed off were sister and mother. the gist is that women are not about their relationships, they are about who they are.

mens mostly are not defined in the public sphere about being married, having children or being brothers or sisters.  it is only women who are defined as this in the public spheres, like work, politics or socially and culturally.

so, do women get to be defined by misogynist cultural and societal and familial, but mens don’t?

the answer at this time is yes, in most spheres.  women are speaking up and changing the definitions of themselves, but I can say personally the mens I have known and know, some  don’t like it. we will challenge.

get over it babies, and the women who have done this generationally.

there is a new world being born from women and it is not defined from their relationships. it is being born with voice, and and actions that have never been seen before.

however, I can say there maybe a new world born about mens, and their relationships, to women, children, their sisters and brothers and society in general that is not so self serving, and hypercritical.

I get to define me but you don’t get to. DSCN1640. I get to say about me too and my experience,. and if you don’t like it, which I have experienced, its your game, not mine. I am way more than my relationships. I am a creator beyond all compare in words and color.



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