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reboot the mission

April 14, 2015

I love this wallflowers tune. it reminds me that where I am now, can be anywhere in the future.

I have lived my work life and my life in general as this.

like I am learning regardless of the circumstances and can choose to change it at anytime.

this was not so earlier, in my existence, so I did pay my dues. I worked for unethical people, to learn

how to be ethical. I worked for people who were in my field for financial gain, to learn about simplicity.

I had unbalanced relationships and learned about balance in being in relationship.

I belonged to groups, or at least tried it out to feel like what being in those groups felt like to me, and what

it felt like to not receive.


I  had offspring and I learned how to receive after giving for awhile.

I have learned that my offspring have mates, and being the only female in the bunch in my house for much of my life, I am learning to hang out with gals and have gal dates.

I have  learned to have  true friends, and I have learned how to be supported.

I have felt like what it is to be with babies and children again and how I love them

I have learned how to write, and paint and express myself regardless of the consequences.

I have learned how to be alone, and I kinda like it. I have learned what heals me is not being with crowds, but being with plants and trees and nature, mostly a remembering. I have remembered that I like to garden and I have found a place that is receptive.

I have learned that I am awesome and that I have no idea what is in my future, except the ones I love.

I can reboot anything. I have for years and I will continue as it seems right. in no timeline on anything in my life.

no worries.



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